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Glo-Clean is the Five Star Services Network Verified Professional from Rockwood to Knoxille. Your only truly local Housekeeping and Maid service. Hi! I'm April Ranta, founder of Glo-Clean, based in East Tennessee. We are a home and office cleaning company specializing in offering services above and beyond that of traditional cleaning companies.

Standard / Deep Cleaning

   Our Standard Cleaning is Deep Cleaning, we can take over all aspects of your normal cleaning routine for a one-time clean or we can put you on a schedule weekly, bimonthly, monthly or whatever helps you the most, so you can focus on what matters most to you. Our standard cleaning is quoted à la carte, so you pay for only what you want us to do. Standard cleaning includes:

• Vacuuming and sweeping
• Wiping down baseboards
• Scrubbing showers, toilets and tubs
• Scrubbing sinks and counter tops
• Cleaning kitchen appliances
• Dusting surfaces

Maid Services / Housekeeping

   Our maid service and  housekeeping options are great for vacation properties, Airbnb and rentals, or if you just want us to carry a little more of the load. Housekeeping includes our Standard Cleaning plus some additional services such:

• Changing bed linens
• Washing sheets and towels
• Cleaning refrigerators and ovens
• Stocking paper products
• Replacing some air conditioner filters
• Stocking cups, plates and silverware
• And More!

Disinfecting / Eco Friendly

   Our professionals adhere to the strictest of standards regarding your health and the covid19 outbreak. All of the disinfecting products we use are advertised to kill 99% of household germs. Upon request, we wear masks when within same room as others and are mindful of cross contamination when it comes to reusing mops, rags and other items. We use your choice of cleaners and natural cleaning products, whenever possible.

Schedule your cleaning today!

We have many options to choose from when scheduling cleaning services. From what we clean to how frequently we do it, you are in complete control. 

  • One Time Cleaning. There are many reasons for choosing a one time cleaning of your home or office. Maybe you've never used a cleaning or maid service before and you want the experience to see if it fits your lifestyle. Or, maybe you're just too busy and need a hand. Whatever the reason, spring cleaning, special events, construction, remodeling cleaning, moving-in/out, rentals, or you just want a break, we are here to help.
  • Reoccurring Maid Services and Housekeeping. We can schedule our cleaning services weekly, every other week, once per month, or on an occasional basis without a contract. We are here to make your life easier. Call us today and let us know what works with your schedule.
  •  A La Carte. Only pay for what you want. During our comprehensive and free estimates we design a cleaning program that fits your needs and budget based upon your input. Cleaning services are not a "one size fits all" product. We have put together an itemized list of services to choose from so you can design your own schedule. Maybe you need dusting to be done every week, but tubs to be scrubbed once per month and grout whitened twice per year. You have complete control.

Here are some of the areas that we serve.

  • Cedar Grove, TN
  • Crab Orchard, TN
  • Eaton, TN
  • Farragut, TN
  • Harriman, TN
  • Kingston, TN
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Lenoir City, TN
  • Midway, TN

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